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Phoenix Building Components

Prefabricated Wall Panels

Phoenix Building Components offers prefabricated wood wall panels for projects of all sizes. We routinely build and ship a wide spectrum of projects that include garages, custom houses, condo projects, assisted living facilities, hotels, and much more. If a project is framed in wood, it is a candidate for using prefabricated wall panels.

We use specialized design software to 3-dimensionally layout a building in order to identify and work-out any architectural issues prior to production. Design problems that frequently arise on site can be costly, and often mean a compromise is required in order to proceed. This is virtually eliminated by taking the wall layout and assembly into a controlled environment.

Wall panels enable a significantly reduced on-site completion time on even the most difficult project. Studies have shown that framing costs are often reduced by 25% – depending on the project scope. With experienced trades becoming harder to find, wall panels are quickly becoming a viable alternative to conventional on-site framing of components.

Phoenix manufactures wall panels using 100% Kiln Dried lumber – in 2" x 4", 2" x 6" and 2" x 8" dimensions. For project specific applications, engineered wood studs (LSL or LVL) can be substituted as required. Exterior wall sheathing is fastened in our facility using a semi-automated staple bridge, and is generally either OSB or Plywood in any thickness specified. Special nailing requirements can also be accommodated for shearwalls in large structures.