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Whether you have a Residential, Industrial, Commercial, or Agricultural project on your hands, we can provide you with professional design expertise to ensure your components are designed with the most structurally sound engineering. Full house engineering allows us to ensure safe load transfers.



is being precise

A design has been rendered and is now complete. You as the homeowner, architect, house designer, developer, builder, or general contractor are now ready to proceed and build and require pricing on the roof, wall, and floor systems of your project.

Contact your retail lumber yard and request a quotation from Phoenix Building Components and sales@phoenixbuilding.ca.

Or if you are looking to discuss commercial or tract developments – contact sales@phoenixbuilding.ca.

Then one of our highly experienced design technologists will thoroughly review your plans and generate a comprehensive quote for all the structural systems.

Phoenix’s quotes are based upon the following qualities;

  • Thoroughness
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Completeness
  • Speed

Large or small, quoting should not take longer than 4 to 5 working days.

In addition to your quote, you will also receive a list of recommended items to further enhance your project’s success.


Design & Engineering

is being precise

We are now at the stage to make this plan and dream a reality. Armed with the information gathered during the Quoting phase, our technical team then virtually builds the structure, generating detailed CAD drawings for every inch of the house, as well as a virtual reality rendering of the project. The design and engineering team will create a 3D digital model of your structure using the latest generation of modeling software. This will be an interactive process with our technical staff and the customer. We will generate specific systems and components to make your project a reality. During the Design & Engineering phase, the team identifies and addresses any design problems as they also incorporate the specifications about utilities and finishing work – including windows, doors, and flooring. Once modeling is complete the builder, owner or architect can perform a “walk thru” using Mitek’s Viewer app technology assisting in the review process and/or helping with the installation of the product on site. Our technicians and engineers also continually review the project to deliver efficiency in cost, material utilization, production planning, logistics, and building completion.


Because of the design and strength of Phoenix’s roof and floor trusses they can easily span large distances. This offers large open spaces without requiring immediate columns or load-bearing walls, therefore, increasing design flexibility. Phoenix’s detailing, design, and document specifications and labeling assists dealers, framers, and building professionals for increased simplicity and efficiency.

Phoenix’s design and engineering are based upon the following qualities;

  • Preciseness
  • Safe
  • Sustainable
  • Dedicated
  • Creative
  • Aesthetic
  • Efficiency


The Design & Engineering phases, which take approximately 6 to 7 days to complete, are the most critical in our process. The time and attention to detail invested in these phases directly translates into manufacturing accuracy, which maximizes the benefits achieved during the overall build process.

Save time and enhance your creativity.

With our Start Smart® consulting package, our in-house design and engineering team is available to you during your early stages of design and planning. Take advantage of our expertise and know-how before you have your client’s approval. By bringing us on early, you can dream big without worry.



is Quality

Once the virtual build of the structure is completed and approved by the customer, the Manufacturing phase begins. Manufacturing accuracy in this phase is directly related to the work executed in the Design & Engineering phase. Manufacturing occurs in three state of the art facilities, totally over 100,000 square feet.

This leading-edge technology includes;

  • Robotic CNC Saws
  • Laser Templating
  • Automatic Jigging Stations


Phoenix incorporates the highest quality material with strict quality controls and tolerances, giving the best product for your structural system. We are so confident in our quality, we have an independent third-party audit our processes and products on a regular basis.

Phoenix’s manufacturing is based upon the following qualities;

  • Technology
  • Planning
  • Quality
  • Proud staff
  • Detail Oriented


Manufacturing all the components of the average 2,500-square-foot single-family home is generally completed in less than four hours.



is disciplined execution

Once all the structural elements are manufactured in our plants, we begin preparing for their delivery to the job site. The product is loaded onto trucks in an organized fashion to facilitate on-site efficiency and safety and then delivered to the job site. We deliver across Eastern Canada and Eastern USA. No job site is too far or too difficult for our professional drivers to access, and our drivers will do their best to place loads where required on site.

Phoenix utilizes a fleet of specialized transportation equipment constating of;

i. 20 x Tractors

  • Class 8 tractors for heavy loads and long distance
  • Class 4 tractors for tight sites and harsh locations

ii. 30 x Specialized trailers

  • Drop decks
  • Roll offs
  • Stretches (up to 77’ in length)

iii. 3 x Boom Cranes

Our packaging and labeling system means there is no wasted time sorting through materials to find the right truss. Straightforward instructions means easy installation, fast roof, and floor erecting making your project more cost-competitive and efficient. Wind, rain, or snow – expect our trusses to withstand the toughest climates.

Phoenix’s Delivery is based upon the following qualities;

  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Safety
  • Proud staff
  • Detail Oriented

Our delivery team will work with you to make sure your materials arrive on site when you need them.

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