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Phoenix Building Components

Wood Trusses

Phoenix Building Components uses one of the most sophisticated layout and engineering software platforms available in designing roof and floor truss packages. We utilize fully interactive computer programs to link our layout and engineering drawings to our production facility. This ensures consistency and accuracy through every step of the manufacturing process. These critical linkages are important to guarantee that our customer's on-site experience is second to none.

Phoenix purchases lumber from only the best mills, using 100% Kiln Dried Lumber in both Premium Visual and Machine Stress Rated (MSR) grades for our products. Our manufacturing team utilizes the most advanced production equipment on the market today. This equipment includes 100% computer controlled CNC saws and Virtek laser guided jigging set-ups.

Our integrated design and manufacturing network utilizes a "real-time" scheduling system that provides an accurate method of determining production lead-times at the time an order is confirmed. In addition, we have a dedicated logistics staff to ensure we are producing orders as they are required, making the most efficient use of our production facility. As demand increases during peak building seasons, the ability to manage our schedule is of critical importance. Pin-pointing an accurate delivery window not only helps us, it helps our customers.